I did something like this.

I created a small line using the small-size brush tip from the brush
styles.  Click with your brush on the canvas to indicate the start of
the line and then
shift click on the canvas where you want the line to end.  This will
create a thin straight line - I used default colors - black on white. 
I then selected the fuzzy selection tool (the Magic Wand) and clicked
on the white background.  This selected the white background - not the
black line.  I then inverted the selection by using Select/Invert -
this resulted in the line itself being selected and everything else
deselected.  I then converted the selection to path and used the path
(pen?) tool to bend it to an S-Curve.

If you can, somehow, clear the background of your image clean then may
be you can do the same with your image of a straight line.



> >>On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 03:44:52PM -0800, Barton Bosch wrote:
> >>
> >>>What are the best ways to take an image of a straight line and
> >>>bend it into an s-curve with The GIMP?  I have tried the
> >>>perspective and shear tools as well as the distort->curve bend
> >>>filter without producing an ideal result.
> >
> > In a word: iwarp .
> >
> > Search for the iwarp filter in the Distorts menu - that is your man.
> Huh, I tried the Iwarp filter but it seems to be broken (GIMP 2.0.4
> from the FC2 rpm).
> It showed the layer in the preview window but regardless of any
> changes in parameters it didn't alter the image at all.  Did I miss
> something, is this a known problem or a mystery?
> Barton
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