David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The next version of the GIMP (out soon) will be 2.2, and will not
> use gegl. The following version 3.0 should include gegl, which is
> a graphics library which abstracts away things like bitdepth and
> colorspace from image representation. It is certain that gegl
> will have a floating point pixel mode (it does already), and
> probably that the GIMP will add an interface to use it, so
> version 3.0 will have 48 bit floating point RGB, 64 bit floating
> point RGBA, and may well have 128 bit floating point RGBA. 

Whether the next GIMP version will be called 3.0 remains to be the
seen. If we can remain backward compatible to the 2.0 API we will
probably choose 2.4 as the version number.

Whether the next GIMP version will be using GEGL also remains to be
seen. It strongly depends on whether we have some people who are
willing and capable to actively work on porting GIMP over to GEGL. At
the moment the main goals for GIMP 2.4 that I see is the addition of
color management that was planned for 2.2 but didn't make it in time
for the feature freeze. That's just my point of view though. The plans
for the time after 2.2 haven't been finalized yet.

>> Is there anyone in the free world, that has done up a Mac OS X
>> package ( installer ) for he Current version 2.2 ?

2.2 hasn't yet been released. There's a first pre-release available
and there's supposed to be another pre-release in the next couple of
days. GIMP 2.2.0 will wait for a GTK+ 2.4 release that includes the
GtkUIManager speedups. That is supposed to happen before the end of
this month.

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