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So, my question now is, how do I build the plugin?  What
configuration/tools do I need, and what steps to I follow to get the

You need a C compiler and you need the libgimp header files. GIMP
comes with a tool called gimptool that helps you to choose the right
compiler flags to locate the headers and to link with the GIMP
libraries. There's a Win32 version of gimptool but I am not sure if it
is part of the installer. However it should be available from

Some users reported that the gimptool executable doesn't work correctly. I don't think anyone invested much time in this, since everyone who seems to be able to compile gimp and plug-ins so far uses cygwin and/or mingw and thus thze gimptool bash script.

I'm a bit surprised that it shouldn't take more to get plug-ins compiled - wouldn't they at least need gtk+ and/or glib?

However, compiling gimp is described in

I would like to get some feedback about this page - once you're able to compiled gimp without problems, you tend to forget about all those minor problems and glichtes one encounters while trying to set up a build environment. If someone wants to do a similiar page decribing how to compile plug-ins, I'd happily contribute.

Andlast but not least, if there are any problems with the build on win32, you could join the #gimp irc channel on irc://, I'm usually there in the evening (GMT +0200).


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