I have just installed Gimp 2.2 on my windows box and these are my first impressions. Over all I like the way this version turned out. The new filters are impressive; I like the new save and open dialogue boxes; also the cleaned up Script-fu plug ins; but here, I observed that sometimes the dialogue window pops up behind the main window rather than in the front. But not always, why is this?
I like the new rotation window but I have problem with the scale function. When I scale a selection, sometimes a duplicate image appears in the window. When I hit the scale button the original image gets scaled but occasionally the secondary image remains on the screen. Then I have to move the original one over the remnants; this then erases it as the eraser tool does. I donít know anybody has experienced similar problems.
Also, when I scale a selection the small-scale box with the little corners doesnít surround exactly the image but it appears larger than the actual image. I donít know what causes this.
I like the zoom and the unit settings at the bottom of the main window a lot.
One more thing, which is not related to this particular release of Gimp. Why is it that the dialogue boxes in Gimp are so large? By the way, this feature characterizes most open source applications. If you look at Photoshop or Fireworks, for instance, you immediately notice that their dialogue boxes are almost half the size of Gimpís. The brand new New Layer window box has four options: Foreground color, Background color, White and Transparency, all in one column. If the layout would be two rows rather than a single column the height of the dialogue box could be reduced at least 2 cm, which would make the window more compact and less obtrusive. The same is the case with the filter windows. Next to the preview window there is plenty of unused space, which would be a logical location for the preview check box. With these rearrangements the filter windows too could have been made significantly smaller. I also think that the Save, Cancel and usually the dialogue box buttons are way too large, wasting lots of space.
Other than this, I enjoy the new Gimp.


Jozsef Mak

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