On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 12:53:48PM -0500, Jozsef Mak wrote:
> One more thing, which is not related to this particular release of Gimp. 
> Why is it that the dialogue boxes in Gimp are so large? By the way, this 
> feature characterizes most open source applications. If you look at 
> Photoshop or Fireworks, for instance, you immediately notice that their 
> dialogue boxes are almost half the size of Gimp?s. The brand new New Layer 
> window box has four options: Foreground color, Background color, White and 
> Transparency, all in one column. If the layout would be two rows rather 
> than a single column the height of the dialogue box could be reduced at 
> least 2 cm, which would make the window more compact and less obtrusive. 
> The same is the case with the filter windows. Next to the preview window 
> there is plenty of unused space, which would be a logical location for the 
> preview check box. With these rearrangements the filter windows too could 
> have been made significantly smaller. I also think that the Save, Cancel 
> and usually the dialogue box buttons are way too large, wasting lots of 
> space.
free software developers are near-sighted?


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