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> Hi all, i have a minor problem with compiling the atk thing needed to make 
> the GIMP work.  It configures properly, but then i get an error message 
> stating that while it found the latest version of Glib on my Linux machine 
> (2.5 something?) it recommends then that i remove the old 2.2 version on the 
> machine for the compile to proceed.  Problem is, i don't know where or how to 
> remove the old version.
> Can anyone help me here?  I'm new to compiling programs for use on Linux, so 
> a little step-by-step walkthrough would be beneficial for me.

just a quick guess here, i think that you have an old development
package from a distribution somewhere.

first thing to do is to determine how to remove software via your
distributions package manager.  debian uses "apt-get remove
package-name", redhat and kin use "rpm -r package-name".  packages with
"-dev" in the name can cause two problems.  they cause "make" to find
header files in the wrong place or a wrong package-name.pc file in the
package-config stuff.

i am going to warn you, i havent had trouble building gimp in a while,
so there might be several details here that are not exactly correct or
expressed very well.

a place i might start if i had this problem is "man pkg-config" and see
what sort of information you can get from that.


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