On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 22:18:40 -0500, Richard wrote:
> Working on this flower, and by itself its very good,
> has about a dozen of speckles, and a couple of white spec holes.
> So,
> have tried despeckle which blurs image,
> then have tried unsharp mask, and which sharpen it too much,
> and gives it more speckles.
> So, they don't work in this problem.
> Q. what tool, and HOW, does one remove those little
> speckles on a purple flower, "what setting to use"?

I think what you want is the following two tutorials:

 For sharpenning you should try
http://gimp.org/tutorials/Smart_Sharpening/ which is the suggested
method in the first tutorial.

 For more tutorials look at http://gimp.org/tutorials/ and
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