Quoting Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I'm using "Filters, Render, Clouds, Solid Noise" to generate the clouds.
> Unfortunately that only generates black and white clouds whereas the other
> software generates clouds using the current background and foreground
> colours.  Is there a way to do this that just have not discovered or do I
> have to colour the clouds afterwards?

You have to colour them afterwards, as far as I know.

> I'm getting some adequate results using 'Layers, Colours, Colourize' but I
> was hoping some one might be able to recommend alternative or better
> approaches.

Map to gradient (Filters->Colors->Map->Gradient Map) should give you the result
you're looking for with the default BG - FG gradient.

Or you could try the Misc tab of the colormap rotation filter
(Filters->Colors->Map->Colormap rotation) and select a big swarth of grey
values (changing the "What is grey?" value) and map them to the FG color (or
whatever color you want).


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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