The reason for asking, is the fact, after spending 4 days on a photo,
to get it just right, then go down to my local CVS or Wal-Greens,
to have them print digital photo's.

My 5x7 color was off, to dark and too vivid,
and when setting image size to 6.67 x 5, they in turn
in large image.

So, now I am wondering, I could have color matching,
from my camera, and monitor... but when going to other places,
for printing... not going to get the 1:1


Sven Neumann wrote:


Richard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

How does one tell Gimp, to use sRGB color profile?
when displaying images. ( gimp 2.0 )

The display routine assumes that the sRGB colorspace is being used. If you want to use other color profiles for display, you can do so using the Proof filter found in View->Display Filters. Yes, this is all quite preliminary. Better color management support is scheduled for GIMP 2.4.


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