On Friday 19 November 2004 20:37, waju wrote:
> hi:
> thank your for your answer, Joao.
> i have advanced a little. i have done this:
> i have created a new layer, so when i move the selection, my
> picture isn't affected.
> i have created the circumference, with shift + cirled selection
> button. i go to dialogs > paths > selection to path (button).
> then i can move the circumference, but when i finish moving it, the
> circumference disappears. before moving, i can stroke it. after
> moving, i can't.
> i am really newbie in gimp. surely i am doing something wrong. do
> you have any idea?

Ok - you are still asking for things that are easy to do - and that
 is good, because them I know how to answer you.

Both selections and paths can be moved (and you don ot even need a
 new layer for that).
To move selections, just use the move tool, but hold  "alt" pressed
 as you click and drag the mouse.
If alt +click do not work (it may be the case if alt+click is used by
the Desktop manager), you can stll pop up the move tool options 9
(double click on the move tool icon), and choose the second icon on
the top - that is  for moving selections instead of layers.

As for paths: a path is created "invisible", and you can only see it
as you edit it. When you click on another tool - like the move tool,
it will vanish. But in the layers/channels/paths dialog, there is a
path tab - thrid icon on top, which you can use to select path
vvisibility. And with the move tool, as you can use the option to
move a selection, the third icon ont he top will move a path.

This shall be enough for you for now.

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