Steve --

Are you sure that you are trying to load up a JPEG from the Canon Digital Rebel and not a RAW (CRW format)? I just shot a large JPEG on my Canon Digital Rebel and GIMP 2.0.5 loaded it without any problems. I'm on Windows 2000, but there shouldn't be any difference. If you want to open CRW files, you can get one of two plugins, as follows:

1) Download DCRAW and Pawel Jochym's RawPhoto plugin.
2) Download UFRaw at . I currently use DCRAW+RawPhoto, but I'm looking at either switching to UFRaw because of its better design, superior features, and more detailed documentation. It also has DCRaw built in, so you don't have to run around screaming trying to figure out why the dcraw executable isn't getting called, as some people seem to do with RawPhoto.

If you have a sample JPEG that's giving you problems, feel free to email it to me. I'll check it out.


Steve Crane wrote:

I have been using GIMP for several years and just encountered a problem
that I had never seen before.  I just bought a Canon Digital Rebel
(300D) and GIMP 2.0.0 is unable to open the JPEG files that it produces.
The message that it gives is "Plug-In could not open image".  JPEGs from
my Fuji S7000 and other sources load without a problem.

If this is a known issue that has been corrected I will have to download
and build the latest version.  If not, is there anyone that can explain
this and perhaps offer a solution?


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