On Sat, Nov 20, 2004 at 03:43:58PM -0500, Richard wrote:
> But, when I go to set the size in image scaling it becomes huge,
> adjusting the scaling (setting it for inches 5x6.67)
> So, how does one get a 1:1 view of a 5x7 or close to it, via Gimp.
> with this data listed above ???
it is confusing.

your computer screen needs approximately 72 pixels for each inch it
needs to show the image on.  the printer who is dealing with ink and not
with electicical devises needs 200 pixels for each inch it must print or

if you would like to see an approximation of your image on the computer
display as it will look in a print, you need to adjust the size for
that.  5x300 x 7x300 on print will look like 5x72 x 7x72 on the
computer.  360 pixels x 504 pixels on the computer will look like 1500 x
2100 pixels photo print.

i think you are over thinking about it.  sometimes you have to trust the


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