Hi, this is just a concern that i have with the fact that realeses for
gimp for windows still lacks behind the official realease on the site
http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/. I am not complaining its just that if
possible i would like to know why that is the case. 

For example as at today, the stable version of the stable 2.0 tree is
still 2.0.5 meanwhile 2.0.6 was realeased on 03/11/04 and the same for
the the 2.2 tree which still has the 2.2 pre1. I for one had some
crashes with the 2.2 pre1 so i am quite eager to test the 2.2 pre2 but
i guess i have to wait.

I have no idea how to build a gimp windows package so the last think i
would do is be ungrateful to Jernej Semoncic. I actually like to thank
him for what he's done.

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