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> This is actually a misunderstanding. The official GIMP releases are
> source code releases only. There are no official binary releases for
> any platform whatsoever. Fortunately there are a few people who are
> doing you and other users the favor of building binaries. In the past,
> binaries for the Win32 platform have showed up reasonably fast, faster
> than for most other platforms. So far the only two sources of binaries
> for GIMP 2.2-pre2 that I know about are Jernej's site (which offers a
> Win32 build) and Debian experimental (GNU/Linux).

I appreciate the efforts of those who work on the Windows binaries. I
lack the expertise to to do the work myself. I am perfectly willing to
wait for a stable release --  which will be made freely available to
folks like me.

Allen Bethea
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