Hi Sven,
Please read again,

I WISH, I could, have try to do this before in the past,
with 10.1 and 10.2 ( Mac OS X ) never could get a app, to compile,
had dozen of error message, and dependences problems,
and the people whom are on the Xcode list ( Apple's Developer Application Program)
which I do have installed, Like to FLAME people, and give no advice to newbies.


Sven Neumann wrote:

Richard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Boy, I wish I could program, or compile my own code.
I'm glad the bug was found, and now can be fix.

I'll sit and wait for a new 2.2 Mac OS X version ( hopeful before
x-mas) to download it.

Instead of sitting there and waiting you could compile a 2.2 version
and make it available to others. Sitting and waiting is not how Free
Software works.



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