Sven Neumann wrote:

olivier ripoll <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I finally found time to compile the pre2, and I checked the migration
process. It works now fine with this very tiny exception:

I used the small theme in gimp 2.0. On the first startup of gimp 2.2,
the one directly following the user-install migration, the theme
"displayed" is the default one. However, in the preferences, the theme
selected is (correctly) the small theme. If I close gimp and restart
it, the theme displayed is now correct (small).

IIRC Mitch said that this is basically not fixable or at least not
feasible to fix.

It is a minor thing anyway.

On another topic, although my system is now different from the
previous one (I now have a mandrake 10.1, so new compiler, new
libraries), I still have the issue I mentionned earlier with the IFS
compose plugin. doing, undoing (ctrl-z), and repeating
(filters->repeat, not reshow) result in nothing being displayed in
the image window, instead of the expected fratal pattern. Could it
be related to my processor (Athlon)?

How could such problems be related to your CPU??

I was thinking about some compilation optimization. IFS being a fractal type plugin, I assume it contains some quite complicated mathematics. Thus the compilator may play a role there (Athlon FPU is different from Intel's one).

Anyway, I don't
remember that you mentioned such problems earlier. That's the problem
with reporting bugs on the mailing-list instead of using Bugzilla.
If you have such problems, you should file a bug report for it.

I reported this bug in a message called "Re: help needed with GIMP 2.2" dated October 11. I started this message saying this:

"So here is another "bug candidate" (i.e. I do not know if it qualifies as a bug, and it could be on my machine only). It is again a minor one anyway, so could be postponed for 2.4 (3.0?):"

You replied to this mail:
"I cannot reproduce this here. IFS Compose does correctly repeat with
the last used settings."

And I finally replied that I could reproduce it with gimp 2.0 to, but not with gimp 1.2, that was at that time the only not-home-compiled gimp I had. The thread ended there. I assumed it was related to one of my libraries. That's why I am surprised to see it again since I installed a new version of the system.



PS: I will try (this evening I hope) with the binary Gimp 2.0.3 that came with Mandrake 10.1.

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