"William Skaggs" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It may be interesting to note that it would theoretically be
> possible to modify programs such as Inkscape or Sodipodi so that
> they would be capable of running as GIMP plugins, creating their own
> special layers and storing their data as "layer attachments" (i.e.,
> "parasites" in GIMP terminology), in the same way that Gfig now
> does.  (This is also basically how the Text tool works, except it
> doesn't use parasites.)

Sorry, but that is not correct. The text tool does use parasites but
that is about the only similarity with GFig.

> Such an approach could give GIMP full-powered SVG-vector-editing
> capabilities without requiring any major changes in the GIMP core.

GIMP wouldn't get any vector-editing capabilities from that. It would
just be an akward way of having two apps work together without really
talking to each other. There is no synchronization whatsoever. This
holds true for GFig as well and that is why I think the GFig hack is
terrible and I would like to phase it out during the next development

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