Alan Horkan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am reasonably sure they have a Perl script to add the necessary
> information to allow a preview but they do not seem to have gotten
> around to it last time I checked (I do not do perl.  I've moved on
> from OpenClipart.org and didn't plan on making any further changes
> to the files I had submitted, the other files I submitted are
> probably still in the queue awaiting processing).

I offered to write the few lines of XSLT that should be sufficient to
fix the gradients. Perhaps we should host them at gimp.org then?

> Do not fix the registry on my account.
> The registry is nice to have but I dont need it very often.
> I had not seen the breakage mentioned and thought you might not
> already be aware of it or that I might be doing something wrong.  I
> decided to ask about it first rather than filing a bug report, I can
> still file a bug report if you want

The registry isn't really run by the GIMP people and has been
unmaintained for a while. If it is broken now, I am afraid that it
won't be resurrected anytime soon. Filing a bug report won't change

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