Some film scanners, Nikon et al, feature an infrared channel which identifies 
dust on the film, so it can be removed by software. One way to start to do 
this is to use the IR channel as a layer mask on the image, leaving 
transparency in place of the dust spots.

The second part of the process would be to synthesize pixels to fill the holes 
in the image, by the interpolation of the color values of surrounding pixels 
to create a seamless blending across each hole. A google search turned up one 
mention of such a "Fill Holes" filter, but not the filter itself or any 
useful clues to its whereabouts or continued existence. sane-devel/2003-May/007657.html 

Does such a filter still exist for the GIMP, and if so, where is it found?

Carl Brown
Whitefield, NH USA
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