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My message is slightly off-topic, but somehow not completely. On the wiki page, I have seen you ask the following question about the vitruvian (for those who do not know, the vitruvian man is a drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci):
"Is the Vitruvian man in the public domain?"

This question is very interesting to me since I had done some images with Leonardo Da Vinci paintings and Wilber some years ago (http://gug.sunsite.dk/gallery.php?artist=58).

So I made a google search (which is worth what it is worth... in other words, I am not a copyright lawyer). I found some interesting hints for the answer:
On this page is discussed the consequences of a trial between a museum and Corel about the copyright to the reproduction of old paintings:

Other links
Someone already asked your question on google answers it seems:

Here is a little bit of information about the subject, stating that Mona-Lisa is in the public domain (*):

And there are quite a load of links on the topic here:

I think it would be bad to have a splash screen violating copyright, but it would also be sad to eject from the competition any work having a old painting in the public domain ;) (I notive several Mona Lisa splash screen proposals too).

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