Greetings, all...

This topic has probably been discussed before, but I'm unable to find anything on the lists that will allow me to achieve the results I want. Text created in the Gimp continues to be quite jaggy. I want to achieve nice, smooth fonts, such as those I can achieve with Photoshop (if I pay) or through OpenOffice's vector drawing program (but without the many advantages of the Gimp).

I am running a Mac with OS X 10.3.2, with Freetype installed via Fink. I downloaded the latest version of (version 2.0.x). Upon first running Gimp, it recognizes the majority of my fonts, and even gives me a nice menu showing examples of the fonts. Nevertheless, even when I turn on "Antialiasing" in the font property panel (and also with mucking with the hinting settings), I still get jaggedy fonts, such as those shown in the attached image.

<<inline: title.gif>>

It must be the case that I'm doing something wrong, or that my environment is set up improperly... perhaps I need to compile Gimp from scratch so as to make use of Freetype??

Thanks for your help!

-Erik Norvelle
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