On Sat, Dec 04, 2004 at 06:57:33AM -0500, Mark Bednarczyk wrote:
> I'm fairely novice at this and this is interesting. Is this
> right "GAP = Gimp Animation Package".
close, GIMP Animation Plug-in.  

> Also could briefly describe how to import multiple images into
> gimp with the _00X.jpg sequential filenames?
i have this problem right now.  to the best of my knowledge, at this
point there is no way to rename an existing image set like that.
however, this is the way that images come off from my camera.

> Lastly how would you apply gap to change a property for all the
> layers, 1 expample is probably enough to get me started.
i wrote a tutorial for this.  gap gui is a little different, yet so is
the fact that it works on a bunch of images.



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