the splash contest was so cool!  i started to make movies out of the
images using gap and some scripts that yosh wrote.  these movies can be
found at:

day one is the largest and includes the splashes that were entered on
the wiki.  another word about these movies, something is happeneing
during the encoding that is mangling the first few images in each movie.
so please do not consider these images the final product.

they might however come in handy to use to look at the splash entries
before you go to:
http://www.mukund.org/temp/gimp/judge/ to vote for your 10 favorite
splash images.

i would like to use this "peoples choice" information to make a movie of
the winners.  i think it would be a great movie to have 10 peoples
choice winners, 10 from the panel and 10 picks from the people who have
been picking them all along -- Sven, mitch and the usual suspects on

there sure are some beautiful and interesting images that were entered
into that contest.  thanks everyone!


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