* Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2004-12-06 22:46]:
> Gahhhhhhhhh.....  no..you do not need to update for that..but this
> stuff is __old__ :-) The select by color is in the "Tools" menu, or
> in the "Selection" menu even.

Thanks, it was there in the selection menu.  However, it was not in
the Tools menu, which was where I was looking originally.

As far as upgrading, I'm on an RH9 box, so getting out of date is
probably understandable.  I really hate to upgrade things in RedHat
because of all the problems with RPMs.  RPM packages are often buggy,
and fail when a other supporting packages don't meet the version
criteria, which is often overly conservative and unnecessary.  The
support packages then often have the same issue, so upgrades tend to
snowball into a major project.  Sometimes I will -cave in-, and get
the latest tarball, but then I end up with two versions in parallel
and the RPM system reports the older version.

Anyway, I'll switch to gentoo at some point and upgrading problems
will be resolved.
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