A few months ago, it has been suggested in bug #149972 that we add
some testimonials of GIMP usage on our web site.  A first example was
submitted by Blake Madden but it would be nice to collect a couple of
other good testimonials before putting them on a web page.

Are you or do you know some professional artist/designer/publisher who
uses the GIMP and can provide a testimonial mentioning the name of
your/her/his company?  If yes, then please add your testimonial to
this bug report (or send it to me and ask me to add it if you do not
want use Bugzilla yourself):
Once we have several good tutorials, they will be put on a new web
page on the web site.

Some suggestions if you write a GIMP testimonial: be honest and
positive without over-emphasis, avoid negative comments about other
programs, check your speeling, keep it relatively short and make sure
that you are allowed to mention the name (and the country/state) of
your company in the testimonial.  Personal testimonials from artists
who are not necessarily affiliated with a company are also welcome
but it is probably too easy (*) to get personal testimonials so the
focus should be on those coming from professionals.


(*) When I see the large number of very nice splash screens that were
    submitted in the contest, I have no doubt that we can easily get a
    large number of personal testimonials.
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