Gert Cuykens wrote:

Some suggestions if you write a GIMP testimonial: be honest and
positive without over-emphasis, avoid negative comments about other
programs, check your speeling, keep it relatively short and make sure
that you are allowed to mention the name (and the country/state) of
your company in the testimonial.  Personal testimonials from artists
who are not necessarily affiliated with a company are also welcome
but it is probably too easy (*) to get personal testimonials so the
focus should be on those coming from professionals.

I am sorry but when i read this, the first thing i think about is
marketing corruption. It just my opinion nothing more but i would
never ask someone to do that. Because it raises three questions.

a) why are my testimonials not good enough ?

Well, someone who writes a testimonial should be rather fluent in using about whatever he writes about - your other mails show that you currently aren't yet, as GIMP is concerned.

b) do you think i am a lier ?

Huh? Come again...
Being honest is one of the most important things when writing something that is intended for a large audience. There are lots of examples that it is good to remind people of the obvious - see slashdot comments etc....

c) are does testimonials real ?

This is of course something that might be hard to prove - but it shouldn't be impossible.

HTH, Michael

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