On Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 11:33:40PM +0100, Gert Cuykens wrote:
> who do i ask if they would like to change the word lightness into
> brightness from the gimp gui?

without taking the time to look it up, there is a chance that these
definitions pre-date computers.  much of the imaging language came from
photographic techniques and laboratory color measuring and algorythms
that describe the differences in colors.

i have a similar story.  i wanted to yell at the designer of the XServer
for choosing Red, Green and Blue for the display colors.  my public
schooling thoroughly trained me in Red Yellow and Blue.  i did yell at
him, actually.  he kindly typed back that this RGB thing occured in 1910
or so, about the same time they were inventing sushi and thinking about
having a world war now that the world knew about each other better or

it is all fairly crazy.  to me, it is a wonder that anything works.


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