Am Sonntag 12 Dezember 2004 00:34 schrieb Gerhard Gaussling:
> I have tried to post here before, but it didn't work. I hope this one
> comes through.

Hello again,

ok that worked. Here's the message that I tried to send before (with the 
wrong sender address):

Yes it's possible with lcms and the 'seperate' plugin by Alastair M. 
Robinson <blackfive [ a t ]>.
He send me a copy of an improved version for gimp 2.x.

I received a message from the developer of the separate plugin, which 
can be found at the bottom of this message. - Thank you Alastair, for 
your reply, and the improved source!

He attached a new version of that plugin with two new checkboxes in the 
"pick the icc profiles" for "preserve pure black" and "overprint pure 

It tries to load these default profiles from the scribus default profile 
folder :


The rendering intend is according to the source perceptual, which is 
often optimal for photographics ( INTENT_PERCEPTUAL, 0); ), but the 
proof appears to me a little bit too yellowish, so that I thought it 
was rendered with an absolute intend, which also simulate the 

As a feature-request I would it find helpfull, if one is able to choose 
also the rendering intend, and to preselect a default rendering intent 
(e.g. perceptive renderin intent as the default intend).

Also a detection of embedded profiles while opening an image, and a 
strategies to convert the image into a working colorspace is highly 
appreciate for an integrated colormanagement of the GIMP. 

But I think this will come if the gimp comes with the new rewritten 
engine Gegl -- Generic Graphical Library (

The binary oft "separate" works now for debian SID, too.

Alastair attached a tarball with the source and the linux-binary, which 
I don't want to send to the list. If someone is interested in the 
source, please, let me know. 

Kind regards

Gerhard Gau▀ling

PS.: I hope I was sufficely able to express myself in English
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Subject: Re: appendix Re: HOWTO build and package CMYK separate plugin 
for the GIMP (SID)
Date: Freitag 08 Oktober 2004 20:26
From: "Alastair M. Robinson" <blackfive< <.a.t.> >>
To: ggrubbish <at>

Hi Gerhard,

gerhard wrote:
> So I have to compile it from source.
> Alastair, please is it possible to host your project on sourceforge
> to make it easier to develope it by other developer, because you
> mentioned that you got no time to maintain the source?

I'd have no objection to someone doing that - the source is GPL after
all - but it's also possible that it will be made an integral part of
the main GIMP distribution, in which case there'd be little point.
There's currently a slight logjam in doing that with the recent
discussion about whether we can get useful colour-management into the
next release - if we do, then the separate plugin will need re-writing
 a little.

> I will try to figure out what I need to change in the Makefile to
> compile it for the GIMP 2.04 on debian SID.

Try the attached archive - it compiles here on Mandrake 9.2 and a
current GIMP system.  Hopefully it shouldn't need much, if any,
modification for Debian.  (There are also a couple of new features in
this version that I'll leave you to discover...)

All the best,
Alastair M. Robinson


separate.gimp20.tgz [918.1 KB] to get it, please send an email with a 
short mesage to ggrubbish <at> .
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