On Sat, Dec 11, 2004 at 04:29:59PM -0500, Jozsef Mak wrote:
> I also cannot understand the reason behind not integrating the help files 
> with Gimp.
oh, i can answer this.  have you ever tried to build these things?

maybe they build easier right now, but i have had my workflow
interrupted because i could not build the help documentation for gimp.
i needed gimp, not help documents.

i have not tried to build them recently.  i am waiting for something
other than docbook format.  i would rather tinker with gap than learn
more of the evil of docbook; it really does some things that i would
never ever do to people in documentation.  so, since i do not really
know what it is like to build the documents lately, can someone provide
a dependency list of the things needed to build the help docs?

also, my bad feelings of the method have nothing to do with the text the
format contains, nor the people who endure what i consider rude and
inefficient means of writing documentation.  even the people who
designed it, this has nothing to do with any personal feelings there.

long ago, gimp depended on emacs to build its help documentation.  this
made and still makes me laugh some.  consider having jade suggested to
help you install gimp?  i would rather gimp depend on emacs, in fact,
maybe this is the solution ....


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