Sven Neumann wrote:


Aaron Luptak <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I've got a problem with Gimp 2.0.6 reading some images:
(Using ImageMagick 6.1.6...)

I took jpgs from a digital camera. Converted them ($convert
filname.jpg filename.png) to png rotated some of them 90 degrees cw
or ccw (using mogrify) the images load ok in most programs (xzgv,
xscreensaver), but whenever I load one of the images that was
rotated in the Gimp, it shows up completely transparent (but
rotated). Any ideas?

Could you put one of these PNGs file online so that we could have a look?


Warning, these are large, 4-6MB!

Converted, unrotated image (ie. opens fine in gimp):
Converted, rotated image (ie. shows only transparency in gimp):


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