"Jozsef Mak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Maybe by accident I discovered a bug in Gimp 2.2.
> This is what happened.
> I created a new gradient. Then in the gradient editor I clicked on the
> edit Left color. The color picker popped up. I chose the color I
> wanted but I forgot to close it. Next, I clicked the Right color in
> the gradient editor. The color picker popped up again. At this point,
> there were 2 color pickers open. I chose the color for the Right color
> and I clicked OK; the color picker closed, the gradient editor
> updated. But the first color picker was still open. I clicked on the
> OK button to close it but nothing happened. I clicked on it repeatedly
> but nothing. Then I closed the gradient editor. At this point the
> color picker was still open. Then I clicked again on the OK button and
> Gimp crashed. I repeated this  numerous times and always got the same
> result.

Please open a bug report in Bugzilla then. Reporting your problem here
is a good way to let it be forgotten.


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