Gimp Splash Screen Contest Winner

On behalf of the Jury I'd like to announce the winner of the GIMP
splash screen contest. We've picked

   "work in progress..."
   by Bill Luhtala

as the splash for Gimp 2.2.

It was quite tough to make a choice, there were a *lot* of good entries
to choose from.

We have decided to not announce a 2nd and 3rd place. However, there were
a few entries that should not get lost in the vast amount of

The image

   "Wilber painting Wilma"
   by Philip Lafleur

is great and we want to integrate it into the GIMP for the About dialog.

Further honorable mentions in no particular order:

   "Digital Watercolors" by Morgan Quirk: Great concept.

   "Grassy" by D. Brian Gosnell: Great modesty.

   "Animals" by John Garcia & Alla Satinova: Great menagerie.

   "Daisy" by Martin Thorsen Ranang: Great painting.

   "Sailing" by Daniel Kenzelmann: Great mood.

It was fun to watch the enthusiasm and creativity of the contestants and
we'd like to thank all of you for your efforts. Keep up the good work!

   Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris
   Michael Schumacher
   Adam D. Moss
   Alan Horkan
   Simon Budig

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