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Greetings from Tokyo!

I've been using Linux for all of my text-based tasks for about nine months now, but have kept an off-line W-box running with ACD-See and PS-7 for my photo work. ACD-See (Ver.-4.0) handles most of what I need to do with photos - mainly batch renaming, batch file type conversions, batch rotations, and batch resizing. More than I used to, but still only fairly rarely do I spend much time with a single photo changing colors, and when I do, it's usually to correct the color balance of non-flash available-light photos with wildly incorrect colors or to slightly rotate (via free transform) photos taken slightly at an angle. Although I've been reading things posted at this gimp user group on and off, I'm ashamed to admit that I've only actually used gimp for the first time this past week. From what I can see, it's able to do what I have been doing with PS-7 for the most part, but I wasn't able to find a function for resizing or the other things I generally do with ACD-See. So, I want to ask if the following things can be done with gimp - help me to finally escape from the sinister W-world! I can't keep my old W-box running forever.....

1) batch renaming

You can do this with any number of scripting languages including perl, python and shell. I generally do it with a shell script:

You would need to offer an example of your specific needs. If I had a bunch of files named *.JPG and wanted them changed to *.jpg, I would do:

for fn in *.JPG; do
        mv $fn ${fn%JPG}jpg

2) batch file-type conversion

Imagemagick, specifically the 'convert' command:

convert foo.gif foo.jpg

3) batch rotations (righting vertical photos)

A combination of shell and imagemagick:

for fn in *.jpg; do
        convert -rotate 90 $fn $fn

4) batch resizing


for fn in *.jpg; do
        convert -resize 50% $fn $fn

Also, are there any viewing options that allow for jumping from photo to photo by using Page Up & Page Down? (I'm able to do that with GQview, so it's not important, but if the feature exists, I'd like to try it with gimp.)

There are various tools out there available to preview images on Linux, you'd be best to do a bit of googling.

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