Jogchum Reitsma wrote:
Sven Neumann schreef:

gimp-2.0.pc is installed into $prefix/lib/pkgconfig. It's a standard
thing that a lot of software packages use these days. Please consider
to read the pkg-config man-page to learn more about it. The man-page
will also explain you how to use the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment
variable to point pkg-config to .pc files that are not in the default

I'm afraid I have to confirm John's problem: there simply is no file called gimp-2.0.pc on my system.
So the question is IMHO not how to direct configure to the place the file is on disk (there is no such place) but where that file can be found on the internet. It's obviously not in our gimp-2.0 distribution (in my case, the Gimp-version comes with my Suse 9.2 distro. Could it be that the problem lies in the fact that Suse uses the RPM package manager?

Maybe there is a seperate gimp-dev (or libgimp-dev) package?

BTW, could you please fix your quoting? Thank you.


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