I browsed the mail list searching a solution but I didn't have luck...I
apologize now if I'm repeating old-known problems.

I'm having problems with my wacom tablet since gimp 2.x series.
I recently update my linuxwacom drivers to 0.6.6 version (latest)
thinking that the problem could come from this.

Despite this, the problem persists, even in latest GIMP 2.2:

-I select a tool (eg.pen), I start to draw into canvas, I raise the pen
and the tool still drawing. I can't select nothing when this
'phenomenon' occurs: I must move quick and randomly the pen over all the
screen waiting for the luck in order to 'unblock' the pointer.

Another annoying problem is the apparition of strange-random jagged
shapes when I move the pen over the tablet without exercising pressure
into it.

I'm runing GIMP 2.2 under debian gnu/linux with 2.6.9 kernel, using a
USB wacom Volito tablet and gnome as a desktop environment.

Hope that my feedback will be useful... and waiting for help :)


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