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> Hi all developers,
> Maybe, between all the critical remarks and questions, it's time again 
> to thank you all for this magnificent work.

I second that.  Your gift of time and talent are immeasurable, and whole 
heartedly appreciated!

The progress you've made since 1.2 (when I started using Gimp) has been 
astounding; I have personally benefitted greatly from all the improvements in 
the usability sphere.  I use Gimp everyday at work (web devel/print work) and 
have PS installed, but I find I rarely need to use it as Gimp is so damn able.  
Our department wasn't willing to foot the bill for another PS license for a 
co-worker, so I clued her in to the Gimp and she's 100% happy with it.

Quick random screenshot.

I've put everything into one window which cuts down drastically on alt-tabbing. 
 I have shortcuts for all the tools I use on a regular basis, so I've opted to 
remove all tool icons (as cool as they were to look at).

<insert touchy feely Gimp poetry here> 

Keep up the great work!

Forever indebted,
Eric Pierce
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