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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-12-23 at 1055.42 -0200):
> > > Maybe I'll just switch window managers whenever I want to take a
> > > screenshot.
> > Is not it faster and easier to take a screenshot of the whole sreen 
> > and crop the result?
> > You will have the screenshot loaded on the GIMP not on some dummy 
> > viewer after all.
> I wonder how having to crop, specially if you want it pixel perfect,
> is faster.
Well, cropping is prolly much faster than killing the wm, editing .xinitrc,
restarting the wm, etc. for a casual screenshot.

But you're right about the pixel perfect part.  It would be *seriously*
inconvenient getting it absolutely perfect.

Thankfully, the problem was solved!  :-)


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