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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-12-23 at 1051.59 -0500):
> > > I wonder how having to crop, specially if you want it pixel perfect,
> > > is faster.
> > Well, cropping is prolly much faster than killing the wm, editing .xinitrc,
> > restarting the wm, etc. for a casual screenshot.
> Tried E-ScreenShoot (an epplet)? E based app if what you want is
> casual screenshots.
Holy moley.  I was only vaguely aware that enlightenment had epplets, but
didn't know much about them.

What's really wierd is that the Debian epplet package is simply called
"epplets", and anything to denote its relationship to enlightenment, like
"enlightenment-epplets", so 'dpkg -l "*enlightenment*"' won't show its

Worse, the enlightenment package neither recommends nor suggests epplets.

How wierd!  Thanks for the suggestion!

Pete (waaaay off topic, so I'll just be quiet now)   ;)

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