Gert Cuykens wrote:

> is there somewhere a tool where you can type something like select
> from 101*102 to 356*456 

Well, you can open a script-fu console and use the "gimp-rect-select"
command (ugh).  But no, there is no reasonable way to do it right 

Over the past few days I've coded up a new interface for the rect
select tool, modeled after the crop tool interface but with a few
changes to remove some of the annoyances.  After GIMP 2.3 branches
off I'll put it into CVS (initally as a new tool, so as not to
mess with the existing one), and if the user interface can be
worked out to everybody's satisfaction, maybe it will show up in
GIMP 2.4.  But I'm afraid that's the whole story right now.

(It would be very simple to write a script-fu to do this, 
though -- it would just be a wrapper around gimp-rect-select.)

  -- Bill


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