On Thursday 23 December 2004 18:17, GSR - FR wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-12-23 at 1037.07 -0800):
> > Well, you can open a script-fu console and use the
> > "gimp-rect-select" command (ugh).  But no, there is no reasonable
> > way to do it right now.
> Not fast, but easier than scripting, use four guides, selection
> tool will snap to them.

"Easier than scripting"is relative here - if you gonna use it once or 
twice, - because once the script is ready, the feature is there for 
your personnal use.
With a  script for rect select, you would just type the four coords in 
four entries.

So Gert - if you want it - just post to the list "can someone provide 
me a script-fu were I can enter 4 coordinates and have a rectangular 
selection using these coordinates? "

And people will provide you one.


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