[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-12-23 at 1309.48 -0500):
> Holy moley.  I was only vaguely aware that enlightenment had epplets, but
> didn't know much about them.

I thought it shipped with some directly or as related package.

> What's really wierd is that the Debian epplet package is simply called
> "epplets", and anything to denote its relationship to enlightenment, like
> "enlightenment-epplets", so 'dpkg -l "*enlightenment*"' won't show its
> existence.
apt-cache search enlightenment reports epplets. ;] But yeah, it could
be listed in suggestions or recommendations.

On a side note #e did not seem really colaborative about what is going
on inside E to cause that side effect. I found some old posts about
other apps having issues capturing while E is running, so it does not
seem to have catched enough interest on their side:

Maybe you could fill a bug in debian about this and hope that gets
more attention (or an explanation about why fails, E should be EWMH
compliant by now, but all the "some workspaces work" sounds rare).

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