> The rect-select tool allows you to specify a fixed size. You just need
> to position the selection manually. But since you can move a selection
> and position it using the cursor keys (while pressing Alt), that
> shouldn't be a problem.
> Sven

alleluia praise the lord it is a miracle the selection thing moves :)
if only i know that magic trick sooner doh! Mister gimp developer can
i ask a other gimp question ? Is there also a trick to make the
selection width and height with the cursor keys. I was thinking maybe
<ctrl>+<arrow key> but it did not went widther or higher :(

One last question who do i ask to change the little binocular in top
right corner above the scroll bar into a making your mouse scroll zoom
in and out instead of window zoom ? So i can zoom in and out when i
scroll with the mouse ?
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