[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-12-23 at 2340.23 +0100):
> The reason why i want it is because if you slice something in two like
> a circle and you want to stretch the middle you have to select in the
> exact middle of the circle a 1 px slice and scale it. Selecting a 1 px
> slice is a pain in the butt without coordinates even with guides

Tried with fixed size in tool options and repositioning the selection
until happy? You will have to make the other dimension bigger than the
circle (I assume separate layer for the circle, selection will shrink
to opaque area).

Do you have dimensions already calculated or something? Otherwise I
still fail to see how guessing three numbers is better than zooming
and visually placing a fixed selection alone or with help of a guide
(one of the two I would use for the center of the circle, ie) or a
manual one with two parallel guides. Well, I dunno your workflow, I
managed to do a stretched circle quickly without coords. And maybe
what you really need is a chop and bridge script. ;]

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