David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> So if OOo supports image/png or image/svg+xml from the clipboard,
> it'll automatically work with the GIMP.

GIMP doesn't announce the clipboard as image/svg+xml. If we ever
introduce a vectors clipboard, we would probably use image/svg+xml.
For image copy-and-paste, the other apps needs to be able to deal with
one of the available formats that GdkPixbuf is able to write. To get a
list of these formats, start gimp with the --verbose option. It will
output something like:

GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/png
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/x-icon
GimpClipboard: writable pixbuf format: image/jpeg

That's the list of mime types that we announce for image data in the

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