On Sat, Jan 01, 2005 at 08:04:51PM +0000, Eric Pierce wrote:
> Is there a way to render the Mosaic plugin w/o grid lines?
> Example:
> http://epierce.freeshell.org/misc/mosaic_grid.png
i used Filters -->Render -->Pattern -->Grid i made a grid on a new
layer.  i blurred it and color reversed (so far, i used the default
values on all of the plugins) and started to use Filters -->Map -->Bump
Map on it.  

something is not right about my bump map plug-in (i am using an old cvs
build so this is not me complaining ....) so instead of finishing it, i
got a screenshot of what the preview says i should have gotten.

the xcf with the grid layer is here:

and the screenshot of the bumpmap plugin is here:

> FYI, I'm trying to Gimpify this tutorial:
> http://www.xanthic.net/tutorials/pstut_screenzoom.html
thank you for translating graphic effects from a photo-centric app to
our image manipulation app!  it should take only a few more steps to do
this or perhaps an interested coder to improve the abilities of the
mosaic plug-in to accomplish this effect.


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