[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-01 at 2004.51 +0000):
> Is there a way to render the Mosaic plugin w/o grid lines?
> Example:
> http://epierce.freeshell.org/misc/mosaic_grid.png
> FYI, I'm trying to Gimpify this tutorial:
> http://www.xanthic.net/tutorials/pstut_screenzoom.html

IMO, to do that tutorial, gimp tools are render grid filter (it can do
both the L pattern and the thick one directly to layers) and pixelize
filter (for the "mosaic"). Unless the mosaic they talk about is
something else than make image look like nearest neighbor scaling
(which is yet another option too and doable in one step, if you do not
use the 5.5x scaling then pixelate approach and prefer a cleaner

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