On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 11:08:33PM +0100, Daniel Egger wrote:
> On 05.01.2005, at 22:37, Carol Spears wrote:
> >canon rebel uses DOS.
> Possibly only as a bootloader or datashifter.
i find it interesting and hard to understand why so many operating
systems must go into one little devise.

when i learned that DOS was being used on digital cameras a few months
ago, i started trying to figure out the reason for this and came up with
one good guess.  this guess is because of the movies they make and the
little microphones that record the sound as well as the image.  i 
learned on the gimpi list that avi was a microsoft video file and this is 
what my little canon gives me when i make movies with it.  my guess was 
that DOS was being used so that the WAV files could be produced more 
easily for the movies.

all of these guesses were made by someone who cannot read about hardware
without falling fast to sleep and who did not search the web very much
as well.  and the fact that i was making and editing movies with my
camera at the time surely had some effect on this guess.

however, what do you think?  is it because of sound files?  gap can only
use WAV when encoding video, is this a fact about video files, that they
only use WAV? and do you think this would influence camera design?


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