On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 09:34:12PM -0500, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
> * Greg Bair <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [01-05-05 21:06]:
> > Andreas Waechter wrote:
> > 
> > >Uuups, I accidntally sent this to Sven only (because this list for 
> > >some reason not understood by me is set up so that a "reply" does not 
> > >go to the list).
> > 
> > Next time, instead of hitting reply, hit Reply to All or something 
> > similar.  It will send it to the individual AND the list.  Hope this helps!
> yes/no
> hit 'Reply to All' and then delete all but the list addr.  Your post
> was seen/answered from a posting on the list.  Kind of obvious that
> the poster *reads* the list and will see your reply there.  No need
> for two copies of the mail and the extra traffic.  Netiquette <grin>.
well, no/yes

i have no idea what the convention is with the majority of mail lists, i
only know of the ones i try to follow.

it has been the way of the people on this list and on the developer list
to send a reply to both the list and the sender since 1998 when i first
joined it.

sometimes i like this convention, sometimes i dont.  right now i like it
as the list mail moves slowly for me and the replies sent to me and not
the list get here more quickly.

back then the gimp users and the gimp developers were all linux in
origin so i always thought it was one of those linux curmudgeon ways.  i
could be wrong though.  i try to do it to not irritate the old
developers and users, out of respect.

anyone can feel free to correct my understanding of this convention ....


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