> The Graphics Muse Tools are a set of plugins (C source) for GIMP 1.2. 
> They've been around for at least 4 years now.  I haven't had time to
> port to GIMP 2.x yet, but its definitely on my todo list.  

Please use the plug-in template when you do this, it makes it really easy to
build them on each platform.

> There are no binaries for this, however.  You have to build them from
> source.  I did release the binaries as shareware on a CD and as
> downloads for a time, but nobody wanted that so now they have a modified
> BSD license and are available in source code format only.
> If you're interested, the web site is
> http://www.ximba.org/gfxmuse/gfxmuse.html

You didn't advertize them much, did you? I discovered them only recently
when hunting for plug-ins to build...
> FYI - I've also started putting up my old tutorials from Linux Format in
> the articles section.  I only have up to issue 45 online - I still have
> up to issue 60 to upload.  These are 1.2 tutorials, however.  The latest
> tutorials for the magazine are starting to be 2.x tutorials but it will
> be quite some time before I have permission to post those.
> http://www.ximba.org/articles

You could release them under a suitable Creative Commons License, thus
allowing them to be adapted to current versions.


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