> This seems rather arbitrary. Why is 2.0.4 considered more stable than
> 2.0.6? 2.0.6 is purely minor bugfixes over 2.0.4, so if anything, 2.0.6
> should be considered more stable than 2.0.4. So this doesn't make any
> sense.

No idea.
I feel the same way sometimes.  :)

> > Gimp 2.2.0 is currently hard masked.
> > 
> > As I dug around (and tried compiling gimp2 from the stock source), I
> > discovered that gimp 2.2.x require freetype 2.1.7 or greater.
> > The current stable version in gentoo is 2.1.5-r1.
> > 2.1.7 is not in portage.
> > 2.1.9 is masked in portage because of problems with it and Mozilla and
> > Firefox being compiled with older versions.
> > To install 2.1.9, you must first uninstall Mozilla and Firefox.
> > For me, however, they would not recompile afterwards (I'll have to try
> > again later and see if it was just a fluke).
> > 
> > So the current state of gimp 2.2.x on gentoo seems to depend on the
> > freetype/Mozilla issue.
> Except there isn't an issue with freetype 2.1.9 and mozilla. Other
> distros are working happily with this combination. Again, this doesn't
> make any sense.
> This didn't really clear anything up. It just looks like a bunch of
> arbritrary rules not grounded in reality.
Who knows.
Ask the developers.  :)
Well, I found postings in the forum about how to go about the upgrade
and not break stuff (there's a slightly newer version of firefox in
portage that doesn't have whatever issue the last one did),

So I'm now happily running gimp 2.2.0 (2.2.2 isn't in portage yet).
Unfortunately, it didn't fix my problem.  :(

> -Yosh

Mark II

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